"Whoever does not know his own history is doomed to relive it again and again. "- GS

the artivist

That evening, I had lost track of time.

And, there was no longer any way to consult it...

The images paraded, like inked memories, it was like a dream, a true memory and already seen in another reality.

In the past, the one that marks a life.

- You have to understand it ...

- Know it, I will always be there for you; but my place is elsewhere.

This phrase echoed at a high frequency, the effect felt so strong, to the point that it shivered and gave goosebumps.

I could see her from far, sitting quietly on her pink sofa at the entrance of the living room.

She saw him go once more, and as soon as his shadow had completely faded, her gaze leaned towards that family photo on the wall, to the left of the hall.

He was not present either, neither in this nor in any other image.

Yet I had also seen him, he was truly real.

the artivist

- Look who's there, you're awake!

Her glasses betrayed her eyes, emphasizing a mixture of sadness and despair.

A solid soul, despite all, her smile was still there, to mitigate any other effect that could betray her.

- Why did he leave?

- We all have to work, and now we are going to learn the numbers!

- More math?!?

- Yes, and we will use my cards for support, so you can stay focused ...

Those cards were a joy, they made me vibrate and just by touching them, those were moments filled with magic.

Beyond the numbers at the edges, I couldn't help but carry my thoughts away when they were on the table, and I was also learning the designs !!!

Their meaning so as where they came from.

By analyzing the effect they could have as soon as those prints changed.

broken image

- Miss we don't play!

- We count, the figures do not translate !

- NO !!!!

1. You said they were French, so there must be a message in there.

2. Yes we can translate them ...

3. The key is in the drawings, I'm sure.

- Concentrate, please, let's leave imagination for later.

- NO !!!

Look, look : it's strange, with each new print the result is the same, the designs are different, but the sequence of the numbers is there, the same!

I think this is a message, didn't you say the numbers were never wrong?!?!

- I do not understand what you mean.

- The story repeats itself.

- It means history is repeating itself.

Deep down I knew that when I'll wake up nothing would be the same.

the artivist
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