You have to be enlightened from the inside to light outside.

- FG

December 31, 2018, Paris.

Images scroll up at high speed on the screen of my evening companion, the smartphone.

"Delighted to have you among my friends", "you are the most beautiful new friendship of the year" and "Best wishes" flood it.

It's nice to receive all those messages and spend New Year's Eve in the most visited capital in the world.

But, that evening, something was missing.

This is certainly what pushed to cancel his arrival, without any warning... as if no means of communication were working due to an energy overload.

My memory was a symphony:

-You will always be alone, don't forget.

-Everything is for sale young lady, one day or another ... everything ends up for sale.

* Wake up, it's not yet midnight.

** She said up to 8 tablets the doctor ...

*** She also said that he would never really be there, that's why I deserved to sleep well.

If the walls had a memory,

Mines could make history with only that night.

**Everything is yellow,

Look at the screen!!

-You will always be alone, always.

*** Hate will never triumph!

It's so strong, I could feel the connection, I see it.

It is with this image that my last thought resonated...

"Hate will never triumph".

broken image


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